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From the inventor of Womanizer: introducing Orctan, the world’s most advanced oral sex stimulator.

Meet Orctan: an automatic masturbator that provides the most realistic oral sex sensation to date, created by the inventor of Womanizer. This sex toy of the future is equipped with massage rollers and powered by 9 programs which creates new sensations of arousal, culminating in orgasm. For an even more intense stimulation, Orctan is equipped with a power-boost function, a vibration amplifier, an edging function and 3 automatic modes.

How to use: Apply water-based lubricant to both massage rollers and the penis before using Orctan. Hold the Orctan in a position that allows you to comfortably operate the buttons with the index and middle finger. Power on the device by pressing the + or – for two seconds. Place the penis between the massage rollers of the device. Explore the different touchpoints and positions of the masturbator. Adjust these individually by the preferences of the user. The device’s construction allows for a completely individual use of the masturbator and the device can be used in almost all positions.

Cleaning Orctan is easy: the massage rollers can be removed in seconds and the device can be easily rinsed and dried due to its IPX4 splash water resistance. Orctan has a sporty and luxurious appearance and can be stored in a suitable storage bag that allows discrete and hygienic storage.

Please note: Always use water-based lubricant to both massage rollers and the penis before using Orctan. Orctan must not be used without lubricant. Lubricant ensures that the massage rollers glide comfortably over the penis. If you experience any resistance from the rollers, you should re-apply lubricant on the penis and Orctan. Make sure to use water-based lubricant. Silicone or oil-based lubricants can damage the high-quality materials of the silicone massage rollers.

Extremely quiet for practically soundless climaxes
Digitally powered motors drive the massage rollers
Equipped with 9 programs and 1 power-boost function
Extra modes: an edging function and 3 automatic modes
Quick and easy clean-up and stowaway with storage box
Discrete design with a stylish light bar and sporty aesthetic