Viapro Extra Zoom – (25pcs)

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This new member of Viapro Extra range for Viapro Extra Zoom regularly taken dietary supplement capsules men. strong>
Many men may find that their age progresses, worsening performance status, which many of causes (such as smoking, the adverse environmental effects and bad food). This product can provide a solution for those who find it important partner, and self-pleasure and indulgence of. This product contains 100% vegetable components, taking recommended to everyone who wants to be together to be intensified.
Extra Zoom Viapro capsules daily recommended taking a five day break inauguration day strong>.
a /> Ingredients: strong> Mussel extract, Mumiyo, Serrated palmetto, Maca extract deer, Chinese caterpillar extract, Nettle, smilax, Csüdfű, Licorice, Zabszalma, L-arginine, guarana Active Ingredients in 1 capsule: strong>
Mussel extract (80 mg) li> Mumiyo (80 mg) li> Serrated palmetto (80 mg) li> Maca (80 mg) li> deer extract (60 mg) li> Chinese caterpillar extract (15 mg) li> Nettle (15 mg) li> smilax (15 mg) li> Csüdfű (15 mg) li> Licorice (15 mg) li> Zabszalma (15 mg) li> L-arginine (15 mg) li> Guarana (15mg) li> ul> Additives: gelling agent (gelatine) /> /> dosage (recommended daily allowance): strong>
Adults, one capsule a day with plenty of liquid food. Recommendation: strong> up one day after taking a break every five days

. Warning: strong> Do not exceed beyond the recommended daily dose! 18 years of age should not be used! Keep out of the reach of children in a cool, dry place! Dietary supplements are not a substitute for diet and healthy lifestyle! Food-stuff license number 9352/2011. regularly taken
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